Match Report – Womens – 18/10/2015

Liverpool HC, after winning the League last year, have won their debut match against University of Leeds Women.

Liverpool HC came on strong, surprising University of Leeds by getting a 3 goal lead in the first few minutes. Leeds caught up quickly after the first shock and got as close as 1 goal difference several times. This forced Liverpool HC to stay concentrated throughout the game. Liverpool kept in control of the match and won the game with the final score of 18-22 (after 10-14 at half time).

University of Leeds Women worked as a team and played a quicker game, even with only 8 players present. Liverpool HC overcame them due to individual efforts (Karolina Wojtowitcz in goal) and by having 12 players to rotate throughout the game. Both teams had a rough defence resulting in three yellow cards (2:1) and four 2“ (1:3) suspensions in the match. Top scorers were Kristin Smette Gulbrandsen (9) for University of Leeds and Anja Wojtowitcz (8) for Liverpool HC, followed by: Noemi de la Torre Cruz (4), Magda Karvatea (2), Astrid Orsteteen (1), Noemi Gyulai (1), Susanne Lorenz (1) for University of Leeds and Yuliya Shiyakhova (6), Malgorzata Janus (3), Tracy Belfield (2), Kate Johnson (1), Louise Robinson (1), Allison Woods (1) for Liverpool HC.

The second half started with an odd interlude: the teams hadn’t swapped sides and Liverpool HC coach Stephen Jones had to stop the game to make the change happen. As an explanation, referees told him that some players had agreed during the break not to swap apparently they had forgot to ask everyone involved. We saw a more balanced game in the second half but there was no doubt that Liverpool was going to secure their three points.

Article Credit – Judit Radnóti. Photo Credit – Pete King (@peteking23)


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