Liverpool 23- 22 Loughborough (Away)

Liverpool travelled down to Loughborough for their first game of the season looking to make a strong statement of intent for there challenge to become the league champions. What came instead was a highly frustrating but ultimately successful first game.

Liverpool travelled down with a strong squad of 14 including a number of players making their debuts for the club and one marking his second spell with the club.

After a rousing speech by Captain Andy Clark before the match (the details of which will remain between us, nudge nudge wink wink) a game plan was agreed upon to come out strong against the university side and look to dominate the game and force the opposition to respond to our game rather then the other way round. Unfortunately this was not the case.

The rust of the post season was on obvious display through out with poor decision making in attack and to many open spaces in defence made this game much harder then it needed to be. There were moments of brilliance however with some top saves from both goalkeepers and the occasional great goals, one positive that can be taken from the game was that despite the level of play Liverpool were able to come home with the 3 points. Over the years poor play has resulted in defeats so to see the team battle and grind out a win coming from 20 -15 down to win 23-22 is very positive and something that can be taken forward for the season.


Man of the Match: Clement Tilly

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