Liverpool v NEM Hawks – Womens – 15/11/2015

Liverpool ladies welcomed Manchester Hawks for their third game of the season.  This was a home match for Liverpool, but due to court availability, had to change from their regular venue of Greenbank to I.M Marsh.

Liverpool started the day buoyed by a pulse raising Scandinavian warm up which was lead by our very own Great Dane Katrina Mortenson.

The game started with a minute’s silence to mark the tragic events in Paris this weekend.


Liverpool V Coventry – Men’s – 31/10/2015

The second game of the 2015-16 season took place at The Greenbank Sports Centre, a week after victory over Loughborough and here was another university team prepared to take on one of the historically great names in British Handball.

Thoughts may have been of evening ‘trick or treating’, ghosts, ghouls and all things horrifying, but a hideous start to this game saw Coventry race into a 4 – 0 lead. This was all ‘Hammer House of Horror’ for everyone concerned with Liverpool. The rampant start by Coventry was halted temporarily by Beremeyer’s first of his 9 goal tally.


Liverpool HC versus Loughborough University HC Match Report

The much awaited opening game of the 2015-16 season took place at The Greenbank Sports Centre on Sunday.

Autumn as we all know is the season of bountiful harvests and yet this autumnal opener to the season, was bereft of that all too important ingredient of great games……..goals!

Liverpool HC had benefited from a 3 game round robin tournament 24 hours earlier and the expected honing of shooting skills sadly came to little, in a game dominated by defences.


Match Report – Womens – 18/10/2015

Liverpool HC, after winning the League last year, have won their debut match against University of Leeds Women.

Liverpool HC came on strong, surprising University of Leeds by getting a 3 goal lead in the first few minutes. Leeds caught up quickly after the first shock and got as close as 1 goal difference several times. This forced Liverpool HC to stay concentrated throughout the game. Liverpool kept in control of the match and won the game with the final score of 18-22 (after 10-14 at half time).